Here is a little bit of information you will learn about me and my philosophies about hair within the first few minutes of a consultation. I am deeply passionate about family, a healthy lifestyle and the art of hairdressing. The most important facet that embraces all of these is balance. Whether I am making a decision for what is best for my daughter, stretching on my pilates reformer, or creating a shape or color for your hairstyle, none of these can be achieved without the consideration of balance..

I am an Old Town Scottsdale native and in 1991, I began my journey in the hair industry. In my early years as a stylist I became an educator for an international haircare company, Rusk. This is where I learned to master the art of beautiful hair design. Experience and continuing education has brought me to a few distinct philosophies about the way I choose to address someone's hair. (1) Going back to one's most natural tones (in early teens) is usually what is the most flattering for you skin tone. (2)Releasing weight in the hair through precision texturizing is what makes a beautiful haircut that lasts for weeks and gives your hair fluidity and movement. (3) Less more with hair color. I don't insist on meticulously calculated visits. Come when you feel comfortable. The less stress on the hair, the better. With those specifics being said, I believe it is very important to teach clients to style their hair. The right tools and products can be life changing. I want you to look and feel great everyday, not just when you walk out of the salon..

Know that you are worth feeling and looking beautiful. Occasionally, I hear someone mention that they either don't have the time or money to get their hair done. Look at it this way. Your hair is the only accessory you can never take off. You can put on the hottest new trends, shoes, handbag, etc., but if your hair is a mess... what happened to your look? Nothing is more beautiful than a confidant woman. That beauty and confidence has power. Having the ability the change the way the world may perceive someone or better yet... the way you perceive yourself is an incredible gift that I take very seriously. This is why i aspire to help you feel gorgeous, get noticed!

Feel Gorgeous   
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